Announcing Kid’s Delight event – Cooking with Whole Grains

15th Dec, 2013

I am very happy to host the kid’s delight event run by Srivalli of spice your life. The theme for this month’s kid’s delight is cooking with whole grains. Just to get a quick run through, what is a whole grain? Whole grain is something that contains all the essential parts of the entire grain seed in their original proportion. This means that 100 % of the original kernel’s proportion which includes the bran, germ and the endosperm must be present. Once the grain has been processed by either crushing it, rolling it, cracking it or made into flour, it should still deliver the same balance of the original kernel.

Obesity in kids is a raising problem in today’s world. Every country is facing this problem in its own way and the way to deliver the kids the nutrition they need lies in using more whole grains in their diet. The food is so processed by the time it is delivered that it loses most of its nutritional value and what is left behind is empty calorie.

I would like you to link up recipes that are kids approved and made with whole grain. It can contain any other ingredients, but the star ingredient or the main ingredient should be a whole grain in any form (flour, cracked, broken, cooked). The recipes could range from appetizers to desserts and anything in between. I am hoping that by the end of this month we would have a wide range of kid’s friendly recipe that is healthy as well as delicious.

The rules for the event – 

  • The event run’s from 16th Dec 2013 to 15th Jan, 2014.
  • Link up any number of new recipes. Archived entries are accepted only if updated as current posts.
  • Recipes submitted to any other event are also permitted.
  • Only vegetarian recipes should be linked. Eggs could be used in baking.
  • Non bloggers can also send their recipes to [email protected]. Please include the complete recipe, at least one picture of the final product and your email.
  • Link the recipes to my post and to Srivalli’s event announcement. Simply copy and pasteSending this recipe to Kid’s delight – Cooking with whole grains happening at My Cooking Journey and to Srivalli’s page.
  • Adding the logo is mandatory, but helps spread the word. 


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