Caramel Popcorn

20th Dec, 2013

I never thought in my weirdest dream that I would be making this sinfully addictive popcorn. We buy one of our favorite brands of this popcorn from the local store and I will be literally hiding it from my kids, so that I can devour them all by myself. Just to keep my addiction in bay, I would pass through the aisle of the store and pretend that did not see this popcorn. Now that I have made it, it is going to be so hard to control myself.

I always fear from recipes that involve making a caramel. This is one of the easiest caramel recipes that I have made and I am so excited that this is so fool proof. I am hosting the kid’s delight event this month with the theme cooking with whole grain. Popcorn is one of the best whole grain snacks that one could have. Now that I said that I don’t mean the popcorn that is laden with the artificial butter in the movie theaters. Making anything with the real stuff always is much healthier and easy on your body. I also used whole almonds along with the popcorn.

For this recipe, I did use the microwave popcorn (without the butter), but it is much better that you pop your own corn. They are delicious and have no added additives in them. I did not have any corn in hand and hence had to use the bagged one. One bag gave me about 8 cups of popped corn. To get the same amount, use about 1/3 cup of corn and pop it using any method (stove top or popcorn maker).

This is the perfect time to be making this popcorn because they can be a perfect gift to give out at parties or just to friends and neighbors around. Pack the cooled popcorn into colorful bags and seal them well.

Preparation time – 10 mins
Cooking time – 1 hr 10 mins
Difficulty level – easy

Ingredients – Makes about 8-10 cups

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