This page is very special to me because it portrays my success in the blogging world. Every little word of appreciation means a lot to me

Few Awards from the SYS -W series (Mar – 2013)

to share that I got few awards from a friend and fellow blogger. The
event is called show your style to the world and the ingredient to use
for the month of Feb was Chocolate and/or cocoa powder. My french
Macaroons with chocolate Ganache was chosen the best cookie and also I was chosen the second runner up of the series. The awards are based on votes
that my recipe received. Thanks to all for voting for me and also thanks
to Viji and Gathampari for the awards.

The round up can be found at

and my recipe for the Macarons are at


cookies copy 



Award of Appreciation for top contributor (Mar 2013)


My Mexican recipes that I shared with the event,  Flavors of Cuisines which is run by Julie of Erivum Puliyum and which was hosted by My food Treasures, fetched me the award of Appreciation for top contributor.
I had contributed a total of five Mexican recipes and you can find them all here
Also the round up for the event can be found at
Now comes the award and here is a beautifully created certificate that i got from there space. Thanks again for the award and looking forward to working with you all in the future.

 My 4th win (Feb 2013) 

 My recipe for the Cabbage Carrot Curry/Poriyal won the Best Recipe award in the ‘Cook like a celebrity chef‘ event organized by Amy of Food Corner. The award was chosen on many criteria’s and I am listing it as she has mentioned in her blog.
Amy says,
this is the hardest decision we had to take. All the recipes submitted
are great. It was really hard to decide on a best recipe among all. For
the best recipe, we considered the below parameters.
-Nutritional value of the recipe
-Presenting skills
-How clear the instructions are
-Time consuming and adjusting with daily busy life
-Any special advantages from that recipe
-How it is matching with the theme of ‘Cook like a Celebrity Chef’
than that, we considered the no of views that recipe has gained from
the listed recipes and likes, sharing gained from social media.
After a hard process, The Best Recipe is Cabbage Carrot Curry from My Cooking Journey
Cook like a Celebrity Chef Best Recipe Blog awards
More details can be found at

My 3rd win (Jan 2013)
I am very happy to win the top contributor award for EP series Herbs and spices for the month of December with the theme Garlic and Turmeric. Thanks Julie ( and Viya ( for the award. 
More details and round up of the event can be found below.
Round up
Winning details
My 2nd win (Jan 2013)

I won a giveaway from Tadka Pasta and it is the electronic version of the published cook book Mango Masala. Cannot wait to try out a few recipes from my new won book. Thanks a lot Tadka Pasta team for your giveaway.

More details can be found in their website which is as follows

My First Win in a Blog Giveaway(Nov 2012)

Today is a very happy day for me. For the first time in my blogging history, my recipe has been chosen as a winning recipe.Iin the past couple of months, I have been participating in lot of blogger events. Apart from the winning part, participating in these events gives a chance to connect with fellow bloggers. It is amazing to learn new recipes and dishes from different parts of the world.

I would like to thank CookEatDelicious for organizing this fabulous event and Sowmya of Nivedhanam for hosting the event. Hoping to participate in many such events in the future.

clip image

You could see the round up and the winning recipe at

Thanks to my family and all my readers from around the world for your constant support and encouragement.

This is what I am going to be winning from this giveaway. Can’t wait to try few dishes from this.

clip image thumb

Honey, I’m Homemade. Sweet Treats from the Beehive
This delicious cookbook showcases tons of recipes with Honey as the star
of the show. Honey is the perfect natural sweetener to really bring
your desserts to life. Impress your friends with some of these delicious
honey recipes.
By Mary Berenbaum

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  1. Hi Sandhya – visited your blog and really enjoyed it. You have great vegetarian recipes and as a veggie I'm going to try some out. Congrats on all the awards – nothing as sweet as cooking and winning. Having your cake and eating it too!

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