Puranam Poli/Puran Poli/Boli (BM # 27)

3rd Apr, 2013 Keeping up with the theme, Traditional South Indian Wedding recipes, this is my 3rd post. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Puranam poli is always accompanied by Aama vadai. This poli is made not only during

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Aama Vadai/Channa Dal Vadai/Split Bengal gram fritters (BM # 27)

For the second day of my post under the theme Traditional South Indian wedding recipes, I am posting the recipe for Aama Vadai. This vadai is again served during the Nichyathartham/Jaanavasam/maapilai Azhaippu evening. When talking to my mom, I learned

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Gajar ka Halwa/Carrot Halwa Blogging Marathon # 26

26th Mar, 2013 For the third day of Blogging marathon with the theme ‘Pick one and make three’, I chose to make a very famous Indian desert Gajar ka halwa/Carrot halwa. Growing up in North India, Carrot halwa is one

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Deepavali Marundhu/lehiyam

Last but not the least, here is the recipe for Deepavali marundhu/diwali marundhu/lehiyam. This is a very important component of Deepavali in South India. On the morning of Deepavali, after we take an oil bath, the first thing that is

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Gulab Jamun (South North Challenge #2)

6th Nov, 2012 Divya Pramil of You too can cook Indian food came up with a marvelous idea for learning new recipes. Indian states are divided into 2 categories, South and North and each month, both the teams choose a

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Basundhi (A condensed milk desert)

5th Nov, 2012 Basundhi is a popular Indian desert prepared by reducing/condensing the milk. Making basundhi is a time consuming procedure, but it does not involve too much of hassle. Make it alongside, when you are cooking and by the

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7 Cup Cake/7 Cup Burfi

30th Oct, 2012 The Diwali season is around the corner and it is time to make all that sweets and snacks. If this is you first time trying a burfi, then this would have to be it. This burfi, I

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