Flavor’s Of Cuisines – Middle Eastern (vegetarian only)

1st June, 2013

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I am very happy to be guest hosting the ‘Flavor’s of Cuisine’ event run by Erivum Puliyum. This month I am co hosting the event with Asiya of ‘My Healthy HappyKitchen‘. This month Cuisine that we are hosting is Middle Eastern. Middle Eastern cuisine has a wonderful array of spices that is used in making variety of dishes. Middle Eastern happens to be one of my favorite cuisine. The flavors are very complex and delightful. Since my blog is dedicated entirely to Vegetarian recipes, I am co hosting it with Asiya. So please link your Vegetarian recipes (eggs are allowed in baking) to my blog and Non vegetarian recipes to Asiya’s blog.

For more information on Middle Eastern cuisine, refer to this wikipedia article.

Event Rules –

  • The event runs from June 1st to June 30th 2013. Only new entries are accepted for the event, No archived entries please.
  • Only vegetarian entries are allowed. Eggs are allowed in baking though. Please link all your Non vegetarian recipes to Asiya’s space – https://asiyama.blogspot.com/
  • Please link the recipe to this event page and the hosts page. Simply copy, sending the recipe to ‘Flavors of Cuisine’ – Middle Eastern – Happening at My Cooking Journey and  Erivum Puliyumm.
  • Use of the logo is mandatory as it helps spread the word.
  • Please use the linky tool below to link your recipes. If you have
    any trouble linking or if you are a non blogger, send the recipes
    through email to [email protected] Include your name, recipe name, URL
    and photo in your email.
  • Please follow my blog through GFC and my facebook page
Cuisines logo

Looking forward to your interesting and yummy Middle Eastern recipes


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