Samoon | Iraqi Flatbread

Samoon is a popular flatbread from Iraq that has a beautiful crust. Made with whole grain and topped with sesame seeds, this is a great bread to be served with soup.  Looking for a recipe to bake with the alphabet

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Norwegian Crisp Bread | Knekkebrød

Norwegian Crisp Bread | Knekkebrød, is a wonderful hard bread loaded with whole grains and seeds. Great for snacking and for energy boost.  We are mid way through our A to Z International Flatbread series and for the alphabet N,

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Mahjouba | Algerian Crepes

A very thin and flaky flatbread made with semolina flour and filled with a spicy tomato and onion mixture.  When looking for a recipe to make with M, I kept skipping past the Mahjouba recipe as most of the recipe

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Gozleme | Turkish Spinach and Feta Flatbread

Gozleme is a Turkish special flatbread with different kinds of filling. This is one of my favorite with spinach and Feta cheese. This is a wonderful flatbread that is crusty outside with soft and chewy inside filled with delicious filling. 

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Fruit Focaccia | Sweet Focaccia with Dried Fruits

Mildly sweet Fruit focaccia, loaded with dried cherries and raisins that gives it the perfect balance of flavors.  Focaccia happens to be one of our favorite flatbread and I make them quite often for dinner. Our favorite happens to be

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Jeera Cookies | Roasted Cumin Shortbread Cookies

Cookies are my weakness and anytime I see a good recipe for cookies, I have to try it out. I joined a new group called Recipe Swap Challenge, where we are paired with another Food blogger and get to try

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Single Serve Fruit Salad Bowl

Sometimes the simplest of the recipes are the best. When deciding what to make for the third day of single serve desserts theme, my son asked me to make a Single Serve Fruit Salad Bowl. My boys love fruits and

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Buttered Sweet Corn Salad

We look forward to summer for many things. The first and foremost reason being that we have the summer break. That means more time cuddling with the kids in the morning, spending lazy day in the pool and family vacations.

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Zapiekanka | Polish Open-Faced Sandwich

The month of April just flew by and here I am with the last letter of my month long blogging. Z was an easy alphabet this time around and Zapiekanka | Polish Open-Faced Sandwich was one of the very early

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Xni Pec Salsa | Habanero Salsa

Xni Pec Salsa, literally translates to ‘Dog’s Nose’ in Mayan language. The salsa is so hot that we all end up having a wet nose just like the dog’s. Having said that I have to say that the Xni Pec Salsa

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