Strawberry Cream Cheese Pastry

The new trend of making these quick videos have been very addicting lately and I have been bookmarking many recipes to try. Strawberry cream cheese pastry is one such recipe that I had bookmarked from one of the Buzz feed

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Bionico – Mexican Fruit Salad

Fruits are an essential snack in my house and I look for different ways to make it interesting. My boys are fine just eating the fruits and do not ask for anything else, but when I see all the colorful

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Baked Apple Chips

The other day, in one of my son’s classes, I tasted Apple chips that a parent had bought from the nearby store. That was the first time, I have ever eaten chips made with apple and the best part was,

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Watermelon Raspberry Lemonade

Going through my blog, I realized that beverage/drinks are something that is not updated frequently. I have to accept that I do not make too many fruit drinks or beverages, mainly for the reason that my kids love any fruit

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Fruit Cookies / Christmas Fruit Cookies / Tutti Frutti Cookies (Egg less)

Here I go with one more cookie recipe from me before Christmas. I made this recipe, Fruit Cookies from my dear friend’s blog Nivedhanam.  I was just about done with the entire cookie making and packing, when I realized that I

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Apple Thokku | Apple pickle

  This spicy Apple Thokku | Apple pickle is the best use of all the excess apple that we pick during the fall season. Apple pickle works great for tart and/or sour apples. It is fall in the Northeast and

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