Recap of “Cooking Carnival” – Month Long Mega Marathon

Cooking Carnival

I am very happy to finish one more Mega Marathon with my ‘Blogging Marathon’ group and it was lot of fun as always. This time the marathon was a little bumpy because of several festivals and other personal functions at home. But I am happy that I finished the marathon.

The ‘Cooking Carnival’ had a very broad theme where we could choose one ingredient or one category for the whole month or choose 5 ingredients or 5 categories for 5 weeks. I chose to 5 categories for 5 weeks and came up with Soups, Appetizers, Breads and rolls, Entree and Dessert.

Here is a recap of the month long marathon and hope you enjoyed the recipes as much as I did.


Appetizers / Snacks


Breads and Rolls







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