Old fashioned Ginger Cookies

Old fashioned Ginger Cookies, are the perfect cookies to bake to go around the neighborhood during the holiday season. The spices in the cookies fill the whole house with a wonderful aroma.  The second recipe I chose to redo before

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Samoon | Iraqi Flatbread

Samoon is a popular flatbread from Iraq that has a beautiful crust. Made with whole grain and topped with sesame seeds, this is a great bread to be served with soup.  Looking for a recipe to bake with the alphabet

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Lepinja Bread | Croatian Flatbread

Lepinja Bread | Croatian Flatbread, is a crusty bread with a lovely crumb that is perfect to be served with any dish. It is a great bread to soak up any flavor that we serve it with.  Doing the A

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Single Serve Microwave Brownie

This week’s theme of single serve desserts has really brought me out of my comfort zone. I am a believer of traditional baking and this week I have made up my mind to bake two of our favorite things in

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Victorian Milk Bread

When deciding the recipe for V, I made up my mind, that I wanted to bake something. I have not baked any breads for this Mega BM. I was struggling to find a recipe to fit my theme and that

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Moroccan Olive Bread – Vegan Olive Bread

Moroccan Olive bread, a Vegan Olive bread that is crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside, makes for a great sandwich bread.   When trying different cuisine, one of the first thing that comes to my mind is

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Apple Turnovers with Phyllo (Filo) Pastry Sheets

Delicate and flaky Apple Turnovers with Phyllo (Filo) Pastry Sheets is the perfect dessert  to make this holiday season to entertain your guests.   My theme for this week’s BM is ‘Fall fruit Desserts’ and my favorite fruit to work

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Cinnamon Glazed Apple Bread

Apple, one of my favorite fruit and something we always have in our fruit basket. We use the apples in many different way other than just eating it. I have made several recipes with apples, Indian and other cuisines. I

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Savory Phyllo (Filo) Cups – Mexican Flavored Appetizer

These tiny bite sized Savory Phyllo Cups is a great Mexican flavored appetizers that kids would love. These phyllo cups will be great for parties and holiday dinners. After puff pastry sheet, The phyllo (filo) pastry sheet is my next

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Mozzarella Sticks Made with Puff Pastry

Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, these Mozzarella sticks made with puff pastry, will be something the kids would love and would keep them coming back for more. This week I am going to be making Kid’s

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