Lolo Buns | Fijian Coconut Buns

A delicious and absolutely soft Lolo Buns | Fijian Coconut Buns, made with enriched bread dough and baked with a layer of coconut milk in the base. For the second day of exploring the Southern hemisphere regions, I chose to

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Pão de Queijo | Brazilian Cheese Bread

Pão de Queijo | Brazilian Cheese Bread is a gluten free bread / roll made with Tapioca flour, egg, milk and cheese. This can be made in under 20 minutes and is perfect for Breakfast, Brunch or snack.  New Year

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Taftan Bread | Taftoon

Taftan Bread | Taftoon is a flatbread from the Persian and Pakistan cuisine that is quite similar to the Indian Naan.  We are in the last week of my A to Z International Flatbread series. For the alphabet T we

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Lepinja Bread | Croatian Flatbread

Lepinja Bread | Croatian Flatbread, is a crusty bread with a lovely crumb that is perfect to be served with any dish. It is a great bread to soak up any flavor that we serve it with.  Doing the A

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Emirati Khameer | Khamir Flatbread from UAE

Emirati Khameer also known as the Khamir flatbread is a very popular flatbread in the United Arab Emirates. It is made with slightly sweet dough and is the softest ever flatbread that I have baked. Almost nearing the end of

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Aish Baladi | Vegan Egyptian Flatbread

Aish Baladi is an ancient Egyptian Flatbread made with 100% Whole Wheat flour and is Vegan flatbread.  We are beginning our Month long Mega Blogging Marathon and the theme for this month is very close to my heart. I am

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Zapiekanka | Polish Open-Faced Sandwich

The month of April just flew by and here I am with the last letter of my month long blogging. Z was an easy alphabet this time around and Zapiekanka | Polish Open-Faced Sandwich was one of the very early

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Victorian Milk Bread

When deciding the recipe for V, I made up my mind, that I wanted to bake something. I have not baked any breads for this Mega BM. I was struggling to find a recipe to fit my theme and that

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Avocado Paratha | Avocado Flatbread

‘Melt in the mouth’, I have heard this term many times when people describe food and this is the first time I am experiencing this in a paratha. My dear friend Arthi gave me this recipe and asked me to

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Moroccan Olive Bread – Vegan Olive Bread

Moroccan Olive bread, a Vegan Olive bread that is crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside, makes for a great sandwich bread.   When trying different cuisine, one of the first thing that comes to my mind is

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