Spinach Enchilada Casserole

Enchilada is one dinner that makes its way into my monthly menu. Don’t jump to the conclusion that I am a very organized person and have monthly menus. Thinking about it, I hardly even know what is cooking that night.

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Baked Mexican Tortilla Pie – Vegetarian

When deciding different recipes for the Baking series Mega Marathon, I really wanted to get many dinner menus in the theme. I always wanted to have a collection of casseroles for the ease of using the menu for weeknight cooking.

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Mexican Bean Wrap

Wraps are the easiest way to pack lunch or dinner when traveling. I make wraps once in a while for dinner and experiment with different fillings. Most of the times it is what I have in hand, but it will

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Fiesta Pinwheels

I love parties and potluck, but always stumble when it comes to making appetizers. Most of the appetizers that I make involve being served hot or at least warm and that means I am cooking right until the moment guests

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Spicy Mexican Style Eggplant Casserole – BM # 31

3rd August, 2013 We are stepping into the next month and also beginning our 31st edition of Blogging marathon. I can’t thank enough all the BM members for making blogging this much fun. I am really enjoying every month of

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