4 Ingredients Fruit Salad with Mango Pulp

Desserts are my weakness and I am sure many will agree with me. Give this 4 Ingredients Mango Fruit Salad a try to satisfy your sweet tooth along with a good serving of fruit.   The 4 ingredients theme is

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3 Ingredients Refried Beans Dip

I love entertaining and most of the times I struggle with choosing what to make for appetizer/starter. I don’t want to always make fried appetizers and sometimes prefer more engaging starters. This 3 ingredients bean dip is perfect for such

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Cucumber Rolls | Cucumber Roll Ups

A fun bite size appetizer idea using cucumbers and hummus. These cucumber roll up are low carb and very delicious.  Summer is in full swing and I wanted to come up with one more no cook dish for the bite

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Aval Masala Vadai | Poha Fritters with Spring Onions

Next on my aval/poha dishes comes a savory snack. These vadai made with aval were so crisp and they remained crisp even after a while. This makes it a perfect choice as starters/appetizers for parties. These Aval Vadai – Aval

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Fiesta Pinwheels

I love parties and potluck, but always stumble when it comes to making appetizers. Most of the appetizers that I make involve being served hot or at least warm and that means I am cooking right until the moment guests

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Kenyan Potato Bhajia

For the third day and final day of the BM Kenyan Potato Bhajia is the recipe that I chose to make from Mireille’s space. This bhajia recipe was the first one that I had bookmarked from her space but I

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Mango Julius – Blended Cocktail

This is a delicious non alcoholic blended cocktail made with mango juice. I decided to make this as my second mocktail recipe for the Blogging marathon series since mangoes are in season in many places. The recipes I came across

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Virgin Madras Cocktail

4th May, 2014 After a month long of Regional Indian states Mega Marathon, we BMers are back to our routine. This week I chose the theme mocktails and for the next three days I will be blogging about them. Mocktail

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Aloo Tikki Chole Chaat

Chaat is something that we all love to eat, but unfortunately there are no Indian chaat places near where we live. To satisfy our cravings, I have to make these at home. When I saw this chaat as an option

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