Elumichampazham Saadham – Lemon Rice – BM #32

6th Sept, 2013 When the month long BM was announced along with the wonderful A-Z alphabet theme, I was right on making lists with several unique dishes and dishes that were new to me. When the dates started getting close

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Thengai Saadham/Coconut Rice

22 Feb, 2013 Prepared rice varieties are the best quick fix for those busy week nights or for the morning rush. This flavorful rice is made with very few ingredients and tastes best when made using fresh grated coconut. This

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Ellu Podi/Ellu Saadham (Spiced Sesame Seed Powder/Spiced Sesame Rice)

South Indian pantry is very famous for many kinds of spiced masala powders. Ellu podi (Sesame powder) is one such masala. It is a quick and easy recipe to make and once we have this powder in hand, we can

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Thakkali Sadham (Tomato Rice)

24th Aug, 2012 Tomato rice is a common lunch box recipe or an item much preferred during an outing or a picnic. There is a joke about the TamBramhs about how we are recognized based on what we carry during

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Pulikaachal Puliyodharai

One of the must have bring back when I am coming back from India. I had been working hard to bring it close to my mother’s flavor so I can savor this even in her absence. The best part I

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