Bori-Cha | Korean Barley Tea

Bori-Cha | Korean Barley Tea, a nutty tea made with toasted barley and water. This can be served either cold or warm.  Barley tea has its origin from East-Asia and is famous in Japan, China and Korea. It is a

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Jau Ki Papdi | Baked Barley Crackers

Experimenting with new Whole Grains is something that I have taken upon myself for this year. This Month long Mega BM is helping me quite a bit with it as one of the themes for this month is Whole Grains.

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Barley Dosai / Barley Crepes

29th Oct, 2014 Barley dosai is one of the most amazing recipes that I have made in the past few days and this would be something that I will be making more often. This is a very healthy dosai recipe

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