South Indian Lunch Menu # 1 – Pumpkin Vathal Kuzhambu, Cabbage Curry and Tomato Rasam

South Indian Lunch Menu

Planning a menu to cook lunch or dinner is the hardest part of cooking for me. I love when I know what I have to cook. I am sure a lot of us have the same issue of deciding what to cook. This is my first lunch/dinner menu that I have put together. I am going to try my best and make more menus in the coming days. I am going to call this menu the comfort food menu in the South Indian Lunch Menu series.

South Indian Lunch Menu #1 – Click on the name of the dish or the picture and it will take you to the respective recipe.

Item 1

Pumpkin / Parangikkai Vathal Kuzhambu – 

A simple and flavorful kuzhambu made with yellow pumpkin. I love vathal
kuzhambu and so do my boys. I make vathal kuzhambu quite often as a part
of our lunch. You can use other vegetables instead of pumpkin like
drumstick (murungakkai), onions, okra, radish, eggplant etc.

Item 2

Cabbage curry / Poriyal –

This is a cabbage curry with coconut. It is very simple to make and is very flavorful. The link I have is for cabbage carrot curry. I have left out the carrot today and made the curry with just cabbage.

Item 3

Thakkali / Tomato rasam –

My meal is not complete without rasam.

South Indian Lunch Menu – Other Items

Nei / ghee
Yogurt / thayir

Enjoy the menu and do let me know your feed backs!


Pumpkin Vathai kuzhambu cabbage curry tomato rasam

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