Masala Chaas | Spiced Buttermilk

If you are looking for something refreshing to drink that is healthy and aids digestion, then this Masala Chaas | Spiced Buttermilk is something you have to try.  Buttermilk, a super drink which was a very common drink in every Indian

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Dry Garlic Chutney Powder

Dry Garlic Chutney Powder is the perfect spice powder that you need to keep in hand if you are a garlic lover. A little sprinkle on any dish and it absolutely jazzes the flavor of the dish.  Dry Garlic Chutney Powder

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Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle

Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle has everything that you need in a good Holiday Candy. Bonus, it makes the house smells like a Caramel heaven.  I love this time of the year when I am trying out classic recipes to enjoy

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Xian Bing | Chinese Stuffed Pancake – Vegetarian

Xian Bing | Chinese Stuffed Pancake is a dough based popular street food recipe. My vegetarian version of this recipe is made with vegetables and tofu.  I can’t express my joy and excitement when I found a recipe starting with

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Veechu Parotta | Eggless Veechu Parotta

Veechu Parotta, one of the recipes that I have always seen street vendors make with such an ease. Layers of the thinly rolled dough makes this very flaky and delicious flatbread that is a popular street food in Tamil Nadu.

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Uyghur Flatbread | Nángbĭng

Uyghur Flatbread | Nángbĭng, is a flatbread made in the Xinjiang region of China. This flatbread is made with a flour that is naturally lower in gluten resulting in a very soft bread.  We are almost to the end of

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Taftan Bread | Taftoon

Taftan Bread | Taftoon is a flatbread from the Persian and Pakistan cuisine that is quite similar to the Indian Naan.  We are in the last week of my A to Z International Flatbread series. For the alphabet T we

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Lepinja Bread | Croatian Flatbread

Lepinja Bread | Croatian Flatbread, is a crusty bread with a lovely crumb that is perfect to be served with any dish. It is a great bread to soak up any flavor that we serve it with.  Doing the A

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Ka’ak Bread | Kaak | Lebanese Purse Bread

Ka’ak Bread | Lebanese Purse Bread, is a very popular flatbread found in the streets of Beirut, Lebanon. The bread is often shaped in a tear drop shape with a hole in the center making it look like a purse. 

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Indian Fry Bread | Navajo Taco with Indian Fry Bread

Indian Fry Bread, is a very popular deep fried Flatbread that is used to make the Navajo Tacos. Indian Fry bread is also used to make a simple dessert when drizzled with honey or sprinkled with powdered sugar. I love

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