Masala Chaas | Spiced Buttermilk

If you are looking for something refreshing to drink that is healthy and aids digestion, then this Masala Chaas | Spiced Buttermilk is something you have to try.  Buttermilk, a super drink which was a very common drink in every Indian

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Vietnamese Iced Coffee | Ca Phe Sua Da

For the third and last day of journey through the Asian countries, I have a Vietnamese Iced Coffee | Ca Phe Sua Da recipe. We traveled to India and Korea for the past 2 days with Papaya Lassi and Bori-Cha.

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Bori-Cha | Korean Barley Tea

Bori-Cha | Korean Barley Tea, a nutty tea made with toasted barley and water. This can be served either cold or warm.  Barley tea has its origin from East-Asia and is famous in Japan, China and Korea. It is a

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Papaya Lassi | Papaya and Yogurt Smoothie

Papaya Lassi | Papaya and Yogurt Smoothie is a sweetened Yogurt drink made with Papaya and Cardamom. One of the best thirst quenchers for the hot summer days.  After the month long A to Z Blogging Marathon in April, I

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Hot Chocolate / Chocolate Milk

The weather has taken a turn and it has become chilly. The summer weather has spoiled us and all of sudden when the fall kicked in, it makes us realize that winter is around the corner and we need to

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Lassi Patiala – Sweetened Yogurt Drink

For the third day of blogging from the partners blog, I chose to make this creamy and delicious Lassi from Kalyani’s space. This lassi is famous in Haryana which is famous for its dairy. I love lassi and it is

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Mango Julius – Blended Cocktail

This is a delicious non alcoholic blended cocktail made with mango juice. I decided to make this as my second mocktail recipe for the Blogging marathon series since mangoes are in season in many places. The recipes I came across

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Virgin Madras Cocktail

4th May, 2014 After a month long of Regional Indian states Mega Marathon, we BMers are back to our routine. This week I chose the theme mocktails and for the next three days I will be blogging about them. Mocktail

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African Ginger Beer – Non Alcoholic

This fruit flavored and non alcoholic Ginger beer is very famous in Africa especially in the Western regions. This recipe could be fermented or matured for few hours, but I made it the unfermented version. It is typically made up

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Mint Juice / Pudina Sherbet

Mint Juice / Pudina Sherbet is one of the recipes that I had bookmarked in summer, but have made it several times since then. The recipe name might make you not want to try it, but this drink flavored with Indian

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