Recap of A-Z Baking Around the World

Recap of A-Z Baking Around the World


We have successfully completed our month long A-Z Baking Around the World Mega Marathon. This was truly a learning experience and we learned so much from each other and about other food cultures around the world.

These month long marathon happens twice a year and we have the themes planned out way earlier (at least 6 months prior if not more). In spite of this, I always end up running around during the last minute and this April was no different. The last week especially was very challenging when I literally baked every day for that day’s post. All in all my family was very supportive, especially my husband who not only helped me put the list together but also was a great help in finishing the bakes.

We are already beginning the plans for our next Month long marathon which will be in September. I will be in India for vacation through the summer and I am hoping to get things together before I leave. Before that here is a recap of the April Baking Marathon. Thank you each and every one of my reader for supporting me through the journey and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you tried any of the recipes, please do drop a note for me to see.


A for Almond cookies from China

almond cookies

B for Bretzel Rolls from Germany



C for Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting from USA

chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting


D for Danish Cookies from Denmark

danish butter cookies


E for Empanada from Argentina



F for Franzbrötchen from Germany


G for Grissini from Italy



H for Hot Cross Buns from England

hot cross buns


I for Irish Freckle Bread from Ireland

irish freckle bread


J for Jan Hagel Cookies from Netherlands

jan hagel


K for Kiffles / Kiflis from Hungary



L for Lagana Bread from Greece



M for Monkey Bread from USA

monkey bread


N for Nazook / Nazouk from Armenia



O for Obi Non from Uzbekistan

obi non


P for Peyniril Poğaça from Turkey

peynirli pogaca


Q for Quesitos from Puerto Rico



R for Rice flour Cookies from Persia

rice flour cookies


S for Sheermal from India



T for Tijgerbrood / Tiger bread from Netherlands

tiger bread rolls


U for Umm Ali from Egypt

umm ali


V for Vanillekipferl from Austria



W for Whole Wheat English Muffin Bread from England / America

whole wheat english muffin bread


X for Xtra Crunchy Pita Chips from Mediterranean cuisine

xtra crunchy pita chips


Y for Yemarina Yewotat Dabo from Ethiopia

yemarina yewotet dabo


Z for Zopf from Switzerland


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